Dive Sites

Diving around Sosua

Warm water and generally good visibility make the northern coast a year-round destination for divers. From our dive base located in the Casa Marina Beach and Reef Resort in Sosua, we have access to a large array of wonderful dive sites.  Many of the sites are located in or near the famous Sosua Bay, only a short boat ride from or center. Having two boats available allows us to visit a variety of dive sites during your stay with us. See below for further information on some of our favorite sites.

Three Rocks (max. depth 9 m / 27 ft.):

Perfect for snorkelling and the ideal spot for first time diver, Three Rocks is located only five minutes by boat from our dive center in Casa Marina. Surrounded by a white sandy bottom, the three coral rock pinnacles are home to a vast array of tropical fish, including the ever curious yellow tailed snapper and sergeant major fish. Also to be found are stingray, moray eels, peacock flounder and garden eels. There is also a coral nursery and artificial reef nearby.

Coral Garden (max. depth 18 m / 60 ft):

Starting from Three Rocks, more experienced divers can advance onto the deeper Coral Garden, a field of huge sea fans and whip corals. The coral growth here is strong and healthy. To the west of this area is the neighbouring Point Reef, which progresses into a wall with a depth of over 30 metres.

Larimar I and Larimar II (max depth 32 m / 104 ft):

Starting on the shallower Larimar I, divers can visit the small wall covered in soft corals, and then swim over to the deeper Larimar II. This wall starts at 16 metres and descends to a maximum depth of around 32 meters. Home to an array of marine life including big moray eels, trumpetfish, lionfish, crabs and octopus.

Mini Wall (max. depth 30 m / 97 ft.):

Just outside the entrance to Sosua Bay is Mini Wall, a favorite site that starts at a depth of 14 meters and drops down to just over 30 meters. Lots of coral pinnacles and overhangs to explore, the area is home to schools of fish, including tuna, barracuda, lionfish, trumpetfish and lots of blue chromis. It’s sometimes even possible to find seahorses and more.

La Puntilla (max. depth 12 m / 40 ft.):

An interesting dive site due to the terrain – four huge boulders have fallen and created a variety of passages and swim throughs. Here we can find barracuda, flamingo tongue, lobsters rays and the seahorse.

Canyon (max. depth 30 m / 97 ft.):

Situated in the middle of Sosua Bay, this area is suitable for all levels, from beginner divers to the very experienced. Starting in the shallow areas we swim towards a break in the reef, then swim between the rock walls that give the site its name. From here we swim either north or south along the reef wall as it spreads out in both directions. Keep an eye out for moray eels and lobster, and big crabs hiding in the giant barrel sponges. Looking out into the blue we often also see tuna and barracuda. Arrow crabs, anemone shrimp, nudibranchs and frogfish are also here hiding out, and there are lots of the beautiful flamingo tongue snails around.

La Zingara Wreck (max. depth 36 m / 118 ft.):

Suitable for only advanced divers, the Zingara is a 40 meter long freighter that was intentionally sunk in 1992. Cleared of obstructions, the wreck is safe for divers to explore and is home to a healthy variety of soft and hard corals and an abundance of fish life, including a giant barracuda and a 2 meter long green moray eel. An adjacent reef wall is covered in fan and whip corals, and once we leave the wreck this reef allows us to continue exploring and to extend our dive by shallowing up gradually before finishing with our safety stop

Pyramids (max depth 18 m / 58 ft.):

A very interesting dive site made of huge rocks and boulders that have fallen into the sea and created many crevasses and passages to explore. A shallow dive, this is suitable for all divers.

Five Rocks (max. depth 24 m / 78 ft.):

As the name suggests, five rocks consist of five large coral rocks that are spread over around 100 meters. Situated between Sosua Bay and the Airport Wall, the reef begins at around 5 meters and at it’s deepest point drops to nearly 24 meters. A large variety of sponges, barrel and pipe corals cover the area. We can find morays, crabs, lobsters, octopus as well as schools of fish.

Airport Wall (max. depth 30 m / 97 ft.):

One of our favorites, and a favorite site of our guests, Airport Wall is around 15 minutes from our dive center in Casa Marina. Catering to all levels of certification, we start our dive on a buoy line sitting about 150 meters from the cliff face in front of the airport. The wall starts at around 10 meters depth and drops to nearly 30 meters. One of the healthiest dive sites in terms of coral life, the wall is covered in soft and hard corals, sea whips and sea fans. Fish, big and small, shelter in the crevasses and overhangs, and we can also find shrimp, crabs and all manner of marine life. A little away from the wall there are also pinnacles and tunnels that we can explore.