Our Team

We pride ourselves on offering you the best possible service and to make your diving and snorkelling experience one you will never forget. To do this, we ensure that our staff are the best in the business and are always willing to go the extra mile. We look forward to offering you a personalised service and will make you a part of the Aqua Center family.

Eddie – Divemaster

Eddie has been a professional Divemaster for over 12 years and has been with Aqua Center for nearly 9 years. With over 3000 dives in the Sosua area alone, Eddie knows all the best sites and is happy to introduce you his underwater world.

Felix – Divemaster

Felix has been with Aqua Center for so long he is practically part of the furniture. Anyone who has dived with Felix is sure to remember his outgoing personality – this is one guy who is just as entertaining below water as he is above water. A Divemaster for nearly 15 years, Felix has lost count of how many dives he has done, but needless to say, he knows the dive sites around Sosua better than almost anyone.

Luis – Snorkelling Guide 

Luis joined the team nearly two years ago and has worked tirelessly as our expert snorkelling guide. Always the professional, Luis has been helping people fall in love with the tropical waters of the North Coast and is an integral part of your Aqua Center experience. Already an excellent diver, we are proud to say that he is also now officially a Divemaster Trainee!

Ricky – Underwater Photographer

Ricky is a jack of all trades, able to repair all equipment, fill tanks, and captain our boat when need be. But his passion is photography and as such he is also our expert Underwater Photographer. If you’d like a greatcsouvenir from your diving or snorkelling trip, then Ricky is the man for you. He’ll accompany you on your underwater adventure and take amazing photos that you can keep and share with friends and family back home.

Manengo – Boat Captain

A dive center can’t function without a captain, and we are lucky enough to have Capitan Monego to lead the way. He knows his boats back to front, and since he is also an Advanced Diver, Monego knows all the dive sites and will get you there and back safely.